Contract Manufacturing

Guardian has the capability to design and develop products to your specific requirements.

These products are made from any of the generic non-woven fabrics presently available in the market place, and most are available in both blue and green.

What we can do

Our development department only need a sketch with dimensions, or a sample to start the process.

Guardian also supplies a considerable number of generic drape styles that match leading brand products, which can be especially effective for CPT manufacturers if they wish to lower their cost base.

We can supply the products in a bulk, non-sterile format or sterilised ready for use. Own brand labelling can be accommodated for sterile product ranges. Sterilisation by ethylene oxide or gamma can be provided.

Who we do it for

Guardian has contract customers located across the globe. We supply a growing number of CPT manufacturers who are looking for generic, supplied non-sterile drapes which can meet their customer’s specific needs.

By using our own extensive UK manufacturing facilities, supplemented where necessary by partners overseas, a rapid and cost effective service can be provided.

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Bespoke Manufacturing