As an industry leader, you’d expect quality to be high on our agenda: It is. Meeting and exceeding customer expectations is built into everything we do.

Our goal is to create long term relationships with all customers, with quality at the very heart of fulfilling that objective.  

We set ourselves high targets and have the systems in place to ensure these are constantly monitored, measured and reported on. We’re happy to share these with our customers, and regularly publish figures to show how we are performing across Key Performance Indicators such as timeliness, efficiency, and the quality of the product we deliver.

As well as our own internal measures, we ensure that our operations and systems fully comply with relevant legislation and agreed process guidelines and standards. For example, our operations fully comply with EN14065, the highest European standard for bio-contamination control. Many of these processes are externally audited, but we also test ourselves, and have a constant process of improvement to ensure we stay ahead of changes in guidelines and legislation.

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