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Highly absorbent, nonwoven pad.

  • 80 gsm
  • Absorption capacity 225%
  • Maintains strength & uniformity
  • Suitable for steam sterilisation
  • ISO11607 Part 1 and EN868 Part 2

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CodeSize and DescriptionQty
95.33.0125 x 28cm White Tray liner1000
95.33.0233 x 30cm White Tray liner1000
95.33.0330 x 50cm White Tray liner1008
95.33.0440 x 50cm White Tray liner1008
95.33.0550 x 60cm White Tray liner504
95.33.0613 x 23cm White Tray liner3000
95.33.0725 x 25cm White Tray liner2400
95.33.0825 x 44cm White Tray liner1000
95.33.0925 x 30cm White Tray liner1008
95.33.1030 x 30cm White Tray liner1008
95.33.1130 x 45cm White Tray liner1008