Surgical Gowns

Guardian surgical gowns give your surgical team unrivalled protection and comfort.

Whilst protection is paramount for patient and staff in selecting surgical gowns, comfort is also a critical factor. Our high-tech materials offer excellent levels of protection whilst eleviating uncomfortable heat retention.

Key benefits for your surgical team:

  • Several levels of protection allow for a greater choice of gown performance
  • All materials are tested to European industry standards to ensure compliance

Our gowns come in a variety of sizes and offer an extensive choice of protection level. High-tech synthetic materials reduce heat retention in longer procedures and so provide increased comfort.

To ensure the highest levels of protection are provided to patients and surgical teams, the testing undertaken for the full range of products goes far beyond that required to satisfy the Medical Devices Directive. Market leading performance is confirmed by the testing of attributes including tensile strength, bursting strength, absorbency and spread, resistance to penetration and resistance to tearing.